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About Us - Team Blazers


Team Blazers came about as a solution for a more affordable Blazer for all of you weekend rugby fanatics who are proud to show their support for their favourite team but are tired of the standard (and often expensive) merchandising available. Nothing stands out in the crowd better or looks smarter than a blazer in your team design and team colours and we are finally here! Whilst our Blazers are not official merchandise we believe we have captured the essence of each team accurately with colours and designs in standing with current official merchandising.

Ours Blazers come with a beverage (Beer, Wine, Vodka....) resistant finish and any spillage can be simply wiped off with a wet cloth, so feel free to wear them in your favourite local as well. Team Blazers are also perfectly tailored to fit the individual who is looking for a casual 2 buttoned blazer. They come with the classic twin back vent and are fully lined with 3 exterior functioning pockets and 3 internal functioning pockets and finished with reinforced stitching to withstand the enthusiasm of the modern rugby fan. They are designed to stand out when worn with jeans or shorts so the perfect all year round garment.

Team Blazers also decided to make things easy. Simply choose your club, pick your required size and you’re done and in roughly 7-21 days your Team Blazer has arrived to your door.

Showing your support for your favourite rugby team has never been easier or more affordable and you will never look better than in your very own Team Blazer.

The team at Team Blazers guarantee that you will not be disappointed.