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Tainui Full Primary School had reached out to Team Blazers to design some Blazer options for their Ambassador program in New Zealand. The school had already been purchasing Rugby kit and Staff wear from our sister company and were well aware of our excellent quality and customer service. Their brief was very specific and they wanted to combine their distinctive school colours (canary yellow and black) with a traditional Maori print within the black cloth. The print itself had to be subtle enough not to come through but also clear enough to be seen when close up the Blazer. 

What we created needed to be smart, professional but also unique enough to make sure the Ambassadors stood out amongst the other schools. We have created specific cloth for other customers before so knew this could be possible but needed to ensure the watermark Maori print was subtle enough not to stand out.

Tainui School Bespoke Blazer - Team Blazers

The end Blazer was something that has not been seen in the New Zealand market and we can safely say it definitely stands out from the crowd. Wearing something so specific and unique only improves the confidence of the students and makes them proud to be part of the school culture. 

"We Absolutely Love them and are so happy with the end result"
Tania Morris - School Principle

Tainui School Custom Blazers - Team Blazers

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