LA Lakers Commissioned Blazer | Team Blazers

LA Lakers Custom Blazer - Team Blazers - Kobe Bryant

After hearing the tragic news about the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and a host of other passengers travelling on board the same helicopter we were asked by one of our customers to re-release the specific Blazer he commissioned us to design, create and tailor, while Kobe was alive. The original use of our Kobe Bryant Blazers was to commemorate the legend during his time as an NBA great and were released when he retired from the game. At the time these were one of our best selling items and hugely popular in the states.

After his untimely death, the same customer asked us to re-release this design to the public so people could show their respect and honour the legend by wearing a blazer adorned with his image. 

We used high quality digital photography to replicate his image exactly and kept the main colour of the design in our black fabric. Keeping the Blazer professional and sophisticated.

We want to express our sadness of the passing of everyone on the helicopter and will list our Kobe #24 Blazers while the fabric and cloth is still available.