Custom Waistcoats | Team Blazers

Custom Waistcoats - Team Blazers

If you are looking for the perfect complement to a pair of casual shorts, khaki trousers or jeans to show your team colours, then look no further then one of our custom waistcoats. All our waistcoats are tailor made and are the perfect reproduction of your favourite teams’ colours. Like our Blazers, these waistcoats come with our Beer Spill Proof upper coating meaning you won’t feel uneasy wearing these to the pub, in a crowded stadium or on a big night out with the team, knowing beer spills can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.

Our Tailored Waistcoats:

  1. Premium Tailored fitting
    2. 6 Full Front buttons
    3. 2 Side Pocket
    4. Metal fastener on the back with adjustable self-fabric, strap
    5. Hand sewn and made to order

If we do not currently have your team colours available, get in touch with us and we will send you a design in your team colours within 24 hours. See why we are getting 5 Star reviews on all our BlazersWaistcoats and Polo Shirts!