Beer resistant Blazers | Team Blazers

Our Team Blazers are the perfect combination of smart and casual. No other piece of supporter clothing can be worn so comfortably to show your appreciation to your favourite club or team. All our Team Blazers are designed to be worn together with your Polo Shirt, Dress Shirt or over a causal Tee, finishing off your everyday look perfectly.

We often get sent photos of our customers wearing them with shorts and although we don't show these photos enough they truly underline the more casual look you can often portray when wearing one of our Blazers. See how one of our Blazers can finish off your look.

It also helps that every one of our Team Blazers is coated with a waterproof spray ensuring any spilled Beer that comes flying your way gets wiped away easily, leaving you dry and the Blazer itself Beer free.... another perfect excuse to try them out in your local.